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A helping hand for "Living the Wildlife"

It's three years since the RTE TV series "Living the Wildlife" came on television for the very first time. It's become part of the furniture now, with Westport-based Colin Stafford Johnson popping up on our TV screens.

Filmed by GMarshTV from Crossmolina, the series focuses on the fascinating wildlife right here in Ireland, under our noses, showing the hidden lives of Ireland's animals and birds. The filming regularly features the Westport area, and a part of an episode was filmed right in the town centre. It will centre on a pair of crows nesting in the lime trees on The Mall just outside the church.

Getting up to see the crows in their nest was a bit of a challenge though, but the resourceful Colin Stafford Johnson recruited the help of local broadband company WestNet and their cherry picker. "It's not what we usually use the cherry picker for", laughed Peter Moore of WestNet, "We're normally trying to get to the top of a building looking for the best wireless signal and you don't get too many crows there. We were happy to help Colin out though, and it was fascinating watching him at work."

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Do you live in a rural area of Mayo that struggles to get any internet access at all? Tired of broadband providers only focusing their services on large towns and neglecting your local area? Westnet was established in 2005, and we are constantly investing in and growing our network and the services we provide to our loyal customers. Our business is to  guarantee broadband connections to each and every town and village in Mayo, no exceptions.      

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