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Our Extensive Wireless Network covers much of County Mayo, especially the rural ...

High speed internet for Clare Island "Yes We Can"

Clare Island joined the speedy end of the broadband world recently with a brand new wireless network built to provide high speed Internet access to residents. Local Mayo broadband company WestNet built the network which covers the harbour area and the Eastern side of the Island.

WestNet have been based in Mayo for the last six years and are strongly committed to providing quality broadband services in smaller communities and places other providers don't see profit in. It's typical of WestNet to extend their services to the islands. "We see all our customers as being equal", says Peter Moore, "We now have over a hundred local access points and a high capacity licensed wireless backbone running the length of the county. The network reaches from Charlestown to Achill, and a quick call to WestNet will confirm whether your house or business can be connected". The number to call is 1850 930 305.

Having a good broadband service is essential in this day and age, especially for businesses. It's literally not an option for a rural entrepreneur to set up a business without having broadband. It would be almost like trying to run a business without a telephone.

The fact that WestNet was founded in Mayo and is entirely based here means that when customers choose WestNet they are actually supporting their county too. Employees are local and profits are ploughed straight back into the local area. It really is win-win for everyone.

About Westnet

Do you live in a rural area of Mayo that struggles to get any internet access at all? Tired of broadband providers only focusing their services on large towns and neglecting your local area? Westnet was established in 2005, and we are constantly investing in and growing our network and the services we provide to our loyal customers. Our business is to  guarantee broadband connections to each and every town and village in Mayo, no exceptions.      

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