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Coverage Areas

Our Extensive Wireless Network covers much of County Mayo, especially the rural ...


This package would appeal to the majority of internet users. It supports general internet access, gaming, chat, video streaming and can connect to a small home network. It includes:

 – Download speeds of 2Mb/s

 – Upload speeds of 1Mb/s

 – Contention ratio 24 : 1

 – No monthly limits

 – No hidden costs

 – No phone line required

 – One-off engineer installation fee of €100.00

 – Residential prices include VAT

Flat Fee €34.99 per month

About Westnet

Do you live in a rural area of Mayo that struggles to get any internet access at all? Tired of broadband providers only focusing their services on large towns and neglecting your local area? Westnet was established in 2005, and we are constantly investing in and growing our network and the services we provide to our loyal customers. Our business is to  guarantee broadband connections to each and every town and village in Mayo, no exceptions.      

Reliable, fast broadband at affordable low monthly cost!

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