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Fibre Packages

The fastest broadband available. A growing number of areas in Mayo now have Fibre Infrastructure running to their front doors. With speeds of 500Mb/s you can browse online, stream HD videos or download music with no delays.

Speeds on Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) start at 500Mb/s, and can currently go up to 1Gb/s (1000Mb/s). In the future, even higher speeds will be possible.

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VDSL Packages

Our Cable Broadband (VDSL) service is now available in many Mayo towns. This is the fastest broadband available over the original telephone networks. The roadside cabinets are now fed via Fibre which is connected back to the Westnet Network. Westnet can now connect homes via cable to the cabinet delivering speeds of 20Mb – 100Mb depending on your location and distance from your local exchange.
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Wireless Packages

Where Fibre and VDSL is unavailable, we offer Fixed Wireless Access. This is the technology on which Westnet built our business. It involves the installation of an outdoor antenna in a fixed location. The antenna has a cable running indoors to a wireless router, which provides WiFi to the customer’s devices.
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VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

We can provide a modern, cost-effective alternative to a landline phone. Voice over IP, or VoIP, lets us offer a phone service that works just like your old landline, but better and cheaper.
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