Westnet VDSL

VDSL stands for “Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line”. This is broadband that is delivered over the older copper telephone system.

Speed is purely based on location. The VDSL speed goes up the closer you are to your nearest telephone exchange.

VDSL in Mayo

Up to


  • No Connection Fee
  • Speeds of up to 100Mb/s download
  • Uploads of up to 20Mb/s
  • Speeds dependent on your location and distance from exchange
  • High Speed Wireless Router
  • Short Term Contract: No lengthy long term contract that locks you to that provider for years, we simply offer 12 month contracts
  • Unlimited data: Unlike other companies who impose data caps, we can offer you truly limitless data
  • Local Customer Support: We have a experienced local customer support team that is available to contact 7 days a week