What is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?

Westnet can offer you a Voice over IP (VoIP) service which is a phone service that works just like your old landline, just better quality and cheaper. The technology allows you to use phone services in your home over your fixed broadband connection using your modem. 


Can I sign up to VoIP regardless of the type of broadband I have?

No – you need to have an active fibre or VDSL broadband connection in order to avail of VoIP.


How much is the VoIP installation fee?

Westnet does not charge you an installation fee for VoIP nor do we charge you for porting of your phone number.


Can I keep my old phone number when changing to VoIP?

Yes – you can keep your phone number if your current phone line is active. 


What does “porting” mean?

It simply means the permanent move of a phone number from one provider to another. 


How long is the term of the contract?

With respect to our VoIP service you accept a rolling monthly contract.


What is the ordering process?

Once you have decided on Westnet as your new VoIP provider you simply contact us and place your order. You can contact us on 094-906-7444 or send us an email at sales@westnet.ie. A member of our experienced sales team will then get back to you and walk you through the process from order to installation.


All you have to do is to send us a copy of your most recent phone bill (max 3 months old) – it must display the provider’s name, your name and address and your UAN (account number) all of which should be printed on the front page of the bill.


Who installs VoIP at my home?

Once you have an active Westnet  fibre or VDSL service we can set up and activate your VoIP service remotely. 


How long does it take to set up VoIP?

Once we receive a copy of your most recent phone bill it usually takes up to 2 working days to set-up and activate your service.


How do I connect to VoIP in my home?

Westnet sent you a high speed wireless router when your fibre or VDSL service was first installed. Once your phone number has been ported and the service has been activated we will ask you to plug your  phone into the designated port on your router (“Fon”) and you are ready to make calls.


Do I need a special handset?

You can continue to use your old phone as before, simply plug it into the FRITZ!Box instead of the phone socket or pair a DECT phone for cordless convenience. We can supply you with a FRITZ!Fon if you do not have a suitable cordless phone already. 


Can I use my monitored alarm if I move to VoIP?

The majority of newer monitored alarm systems use a GSM (sim card) solution to connect to the monitoring station and do not require a traditional landline to work. Should you have an older system that still uses a landline, you can contact your alarm provider to see if you can upgrade to a GSM solution.


Can I use all my existing home phone services with a VoIP service?

Not all phone services will work with a VoIP service and they are therefore not supported by Westnet – some of the more common are listed below:

  • Fax lines/machines

  • Bank service machines relying on an analogue connection (using dial-up)

  • SKY boxes pre-2008


How do I pay for VoIP?

The standard bundle service fee will simply be added to the monthly invoice for your fibre or VDSL service. Should you run low or out of credit during a calendar month, all you need to do is to contact us and we will be happy to top your credit up.


I’m low on credit – how do I top it up?

If you are running low on credit or have run out simply contact us on 094-906-7444 or send us an email at sales@westnet.ie with the amount you would like to top-up with and we will take care of the rest for you as quickly as we can. The top-up amount will be added to your next bill.


When is  my invoice due?

We issue invoices on the 1st of each month and it becomes payable by the 15th of the same month. If you pay via direct debit the money will be collected on the 15th or the first business day thereafter if the 15th falls on a weekend or public holiday.


Who do I contact if the VoIP service isn’t working?

We have a friendly support team based in Castlebar that will be happy to help you with issues related to your VoIP service. You can either send a text on 087-644-7897, call us on 094-906-7444 or drop us an email at support@westnet.ie


Note that the VoIP service is not available during electricity or broadband service outages as the service is provided over the broadband connection in your house. You should always ensure that your mobile phone is charged so you have access to emergency services if there is a power or broadband outage.


How quickly does Westnet respond to my queries?

When you get in touch we will endeavour to get back to you within one working day. If you call us we will attempt to return your call and we may respond via email/ SMS to your written queries where it makes sense to do so. 


Can I take VoIP with me if I move house?

If Westnet FTTH or VDSL is available at your new address, you can transfer your VoIP service to your new broadband connection. Should you decide to switch to another phone provider, you can of course port your number to them.