We supply one internal WiFi router as part of our installation. In order to achieve optimal performance, the connection strength between your devices (laptop, desktop, smartphone etc.) and the router should be 100% (full bars). You can use the WiFi signal strength bars on your devices to locate areas with strong and weak connection strength. Alternatively you can install a WiFi analyser application on your phone which will identify the signal strength in a given area. If you find an area with a weak WiFi signal and you need WiFi in that area you will need a range extender to solve this problem. Note that other devices in your house can cause radio interference for your router e.g. baby monitors, video senders and even microwave ovens. Westnet offers solutions for extended WiFi coverage allowing your internet to be accessible in areas not covered by the main router. Please contact us for further details –  text us on 087-644-7897 or call us on 094-906-7444.


If you have found that your router is no longer covering as much of your house as it used to when originally installed then let us know as this may be a fault with your WiFi router.