Fixed Wireless Broadband​

This is the technology on which Westnet built our business. The “fixed” distinguishes it from “mobile” wireless, as it involves the installation of an outdoor antenna in a fixed location. The outdoor antenna (also known as “CPE”, for customer premises equipment) has a cable running indoors to a wireless router, which provides WiFi to the customer’s devices.

Plan features

  • High-Speed Wireless Router
  • Short-Term Contract: No lengthy long-term contract that locks you to that provider for years, we simply offer 12 month contracts
  • Unlimited data: Unlike other companies who impose data caps, we can offer you truly limitless data
  • Local Customer Support: We have an experienced local customer support team that is available to contact 7 days a week
  • Subject to installation fee
  • Get in touch to learn more about the speeds available in your area.*

from €35/month

Call 0949067444 Text 0876447897 email or simply fill in the contact form below.


*The minimum package we offer, delivers a speed of 6Mbps download and 3Mbps upload to the Internal router. 

Higher speeds are available in selected areas, contact us for more specific speeds for your area.