Increased Bandwidth During Covid-19

Here at Westnet, we have been working hard over the last few weeks to ensure our customer’s internet needs are being met during the Covid-19 crisis.
This includes:
  • Increasing core bandwidth. We have seen the bandwidth requirements jump to new highs. In order to maintain our excellent service, we have increased the bandwidth with our transit providers to ensure there is plenty of capacity.
  • Upgrading our transmitters for our Fixed Wireless customers to meet the demand put on home Internet connections due to the need to work and school from home.
(We are advising customers of any interruptions to service as we perform the upgrades.)
  • Making more direct Internet peerings with Content Delivery Networks, this brings the Internet data that is requested by our customers closer to the user and enhances the delivery of content.
If you are struggling to work from home due to your internet connection, please let us know, so we can advise on a solution. We are here to help you during this extraordinary time.
For our Fixed Wireless customers we have created a helpful guide which can be found at
As most of our office staff are working from home at this time  in accordance to the advice issued by the government, we would prefer contact via text or email for a quicker response to support queries :
Text: 0876447897
You can also leave a message for our support team on 0949067444 but a faster response may be achieved via text and email.
Also see our FAQs at: