Remote Working During the Coronavirus Crisis (covid-19)

The Coronavirus crisis has led to the government shutting schools, colleges and universities, and employees have been advised to work from home where possible.

Westnet’s core network has adequate capacity for the increase in traffic as the demand for bandwidth rises, but customers on our lower speed fixed wireless services may need to do some bandwidth “rationing” during this unusual time.Covid-19

If you will be using video conferencing then you may require some extra upload bandwidth. Give our office a call to facilitate this – 094 9067444

The use of Netflix, YouTube and game downloading can consume a lot of bandwidth. The bandwidth provided to your home is shared between all your devices, so prioritise which is more important at any given time. If you need to work, it may not be the best time to have Netflix running.

It can be helpful to reduce the definition of Netflix, YouTube etc on the lower speed packages. See our website for further details:…/

We would advise tech queries be sent to or by text to 087 644 7897.

We wish all our customers good health, and we will do what we can to help.