What if my wifi coverage is poor?

What if my wifi coverage is poor in my property?

For best performance the connection between your devices and the router should be 100% (full bars). You can use the wifi signal strength bars on your device to locate weak areas, as you move about your premises you will see the bars decrease.

(You can install a wifi analyzer app to your phone which will identify the signal strength in areas also.) If you find an area has weak wifi in an area that  needs coverage then you will need a range extender to solve this.

We offer solutions for wifi coverage, to bring Internet to areas not covered by the main router, contact us for more details.

*If you have found that your router isn’t covering as much of property as it used to then let us know as this may be a fault with your wifi router.

Other devices can cause radio interference for your router, eg baby monitors, video senders even microwave ovens.