What if my wifi coverage is poor?

What if my wifi coverage is poor in my property?

For best performance the connection between your devices and the router should be 100% (full bars). You can use the wifi signal strength bars on your device to locate weak areas, as you move about your premises you will see the bars decrease.

(You can install a wifi analyzer app to your phone which will identify the signal strength in areas also.) If you find an area has weak wifi in an area that  needs coverage then you will need a range extender to solve this. (more…)

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What If My Connection Stops Working?

If you find you’re connection has stopped working first thing to do is to locate the source of the problem.

  1. Are all devices in the house affected? If it is just one device then it is more than likely not a fault with your broadband. You should check the wifi is enabled on the affected device, then turn it off and back on to see if that solves the problem. A call to the support for the device may then be order if this does not resolve the issue.
  2. If all devices are affected then next step is to check the wifi devices. First check is the power on to the wifi devices (routers, range extenders, home plugs…) if all lights are on then turn off all wifi devices for at least 30 seconds. This usually fixes the most common faults.
  3. If none of the above work then you should contact us. Text 0876447897, call 0949067444

What does turning it off and on do?


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Are You Getting Poor Speed Test Results On WIFi?

To get an accurate reading you will need to plug a laptop directly into the router. Testing over WiFi can give lower results.

When a WiFi router detects other devices broadcasting a WiFi signal it will back off its data rate performance to ensure Internet packets are delivered and not dropped. When you perform a test it is common for the router to drop back on its data rates and you will see a lower result. This is not always a fault with your connection, (more…)

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